Saturday, August 27, 2005

September Light

september light

my brain’s a rainy walk,
a cool September night
and when it deigns to talk,
devours the autumn light.

waiting in the darkness,
marvelling at this feeling,
cold in all its starkness,
sober head unreeling.

unbend the bonds that bind
my guileless ankle soaked
stray, feet, from paths behind;
their miseries uncloaked.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005



her last september never came;
the august sickness took its toll.
in solid stone, they carved her name:
a soundless word on grassy knoll.

as leaves turn colors of her laugh,
red-orange and gold on autumn’s breath,
the bells mourn one so young to pass -
she, even beautiful in death.


Elegy for a teacher.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Memory's Wheel

Memory's Wheel

the new days are here;
find them finely ground:
dust on the wheel of the old;
new journey begins without
memory’s remembrance:
old tale relived never told;
leagues of dust on its curve,
from time beyond memory:
memory’s forgot the new road.


The title on this one is tentative. I've been reading like a fiend (even for me) the past week or so. Finished reading the seventh Dark Tower book earlier today (long'un - took me the better part of two or three days). This poem is at least semi-inspired by thoughts DT7 left bouncing about in my brain. Ka is a wheel.