Saturday, January 20, 2007

autumn for a moment

Autumn for a Moment

one of those quiet moments in between;
a white green garden place.
a sun’s day morning, an early afternoon.
roomie’s other half and I sit and stand,
philosophizing in the open quiet of a recently vacated room.
one hasn’t progressed in time for nearly half a decade,
the other’s self has lost track of time altogether.
happy meals are American philosophy, we decide.
they depart
I meander barefoot through the apartment,
attentive to my soles’ explorations,
sink slowly back into the white comforter on my bed.
vertical slats of white slice the blued glass of the window,
scatter shadows drifting about the room.
everywhere outside, along the quiet streets,
golden leaves are falling, collecting, rustling, in the drains.


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