Friday, February 24, 2006

A Friday Night

a friday night

1. magnetized

couchback silhouette,
bent and black
inside the glass.
you sat from me
two cushions away
like we’d been polarized.
can’t you feel
(your uncanny sixth sense)
this magnetic divide
of dissonance?

2. walk-throughs not served

left, right, left; our
shapes make rhythms
predictable on the sidewalk;
two long shadows laid
neatly out before us
like corpses never more
than at a friendly distance.

3. a walk home

leafless trees are speechless trees;
bare branches barely shake, while talk
skitters and slides across the sidewalk;
articulately brittle, autumn’s raspy address
falls desiccate from the frozen air
january, weary, tires of the ado.


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